BALLROOM BLITZ… Only Quadrapeds Have Two Left Feet

“I didn’t spend 6 years in Evil Medical School to be called mister…thank you very much!”

Our Students

Our Students Never Cease to Amaze and Impress Us.

Susannah and I went “solar” last year. We chose a local company called Absolutely Solar. We are happy and proud to have made this decision, and Absolutely Solar and owner Peter Weich were a big part of it. They did the job as promised with no surprises. Everything was so smooth, that the skeptic inside of me figured the hitch would come when we applied for our rebate (50% of our out-of-pocket). No, actually DWP knew Peter by name – saying, “We never have a problem with his work.” Incidentally, new incentives include a 30% federal tax credit. You can reach Absolutely Solar (License #586139) at 323-665-3192. You can email them at [email protected] or [email protected]. Oh, anyway, Peter and I got to talking and he and his wife actually came in to take our AB101 class.

Guen and Johnny Spiller took dance classes for their own wedding. Soon they were dancing and shooting pictures of other people tying the knot. GJ Spiller Photography is based out of the San Gabriel Valley, (626) 376-9501, but captures moments throughout all of Southern California. Guen is an official WepPlan Photographer and is a member of the Professional Photographers of America. Check out their website at

Fellow student Paul Espinoza is a Federal Security Officer working for Homeland Security. Shortly after 911, he began to design a commemorative flag in honor of those who lost their lives. There are 17 symbols present in the flag, representing the sacrifice that was made that day and every day since then.

You can see the flag on YouTube – 9/11 Memorial Flag Tribute
Paul hopes the flag will one day be the official 911 Memorial Flag.

You can purchase a flag for yourself by calling (818) 400-7177. The design is also available as a car decal and as a decorative banner. Portions of the proceeds will go to wounded or slain soldiers and their families.

Guillermo Cellabos has moved on to competing as an amateur American Smooth dancer with his new partner Melissa Leake. Since the beginning of their partnership, they have vied in 5 competitions and have won at every one. That’s a performance record to brag about! Check them out at

I was literally washing the dogs (as opposed to figuratively washing the dogs?) when Tomomi and David Kojimoto called to ask about dance shoes. Between the sudsing and rinsing, I must have said something sensible, because there they were in the next Tuesday for the West Coast Swing and Hustle class. Since then, they have taken practically every dance class. They have become great friends. When it comes to graphic design and advertising photography, they are truly talented professionals. Contact them at (323) 340-8400, email them at [email protected]. We encourage you to check out their website at “”. You will find them not only approachable but open to your creative ideas.

Don Peralta came in a few years back, to enroll himself and his wife Mary in the AB101 class. They were going on a cruise in a few months and wanted to learn to dance. A former martial arts instructor and veteran meat cutter – we’re talking a real man’s man, here, Don swears dancing has changed his life. He and Mary are regularly referred to at parties as “The Dancing Couple.”