BALLROOM BLITZ… Only Quadrapeds Have Two Left Feet

She said “Yes.” And now you gotta dance, too?

So You Wanna Dance at your Wedding?

She said “Yes.” And now you gotta dance, too?
True or False?

1) Marriage was invented by men as a sign of their affection.
2) Your in-laws loved you the first time they met you.
3) If you don’t dance at your wedding, she will forgive you.

If you said “true” to any of the above, you might want to adjust your point of view and get your butt over here for dance lessons.

In a perfect world, couples would take a beginning workshop and get a sampling of dances to choose from.

In a perfect world, they would supplement the workshop with three or four private lessons for choreography and fine-tuning.

In a perfect world, they would chose a great song and NOT “At Last” by Etta James or “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

We know that sometimes in this perfect world there are imperfect moments and that hectic schedules often dictate the course of events. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve received calls to teach couples, who were tying the knot on Saturday – two days away! We made it happen, and to date the newlyweds are still talking to one another. So 11th Hour dance lessons are possible but not recommended.

Advise to the husband-to-be, she wants to dance. Better, she wants you to suggest it. Even better advice – ask her anyway even if you think she’ll say no. Might as well get on the good foot, eh?

We should explain about the two aforementioned songs – they’re too slow and you can’t dance anything to them – other than the 12-Beer Slosh Step.

1) False. Marriage was supplanted by women when hobbling was outlawed.
2) False. They would have preferred a one-night stand, in your case.
3) False. If you answered “true”, bring a magazine on your honeymoon