BALLROOM BLITZ… Only Quadrapeds Have Two Left Feet

If music causes your heart to beat 1,250 times a minute, it could be the beautiful hummingbird inside you trying to dance out…. or you could be having a real massive coronary.

What’s New For Spring?

Dancing seems to be a constant in all of our lives. We dance in celebration and when things aren’t so hot. As we start up our new sessions, Susannah and I truly appreciate your support. Thank you for making us part of your daily life.

Here’s a heads-up on what’s going on at the Blitz.

NOT READY TO COMMIT? Drop-In Classes – No registration required

We have SALSA and The LATIN WORKOUT on a DROP-IN basis. $50 for 6 Sessions or $10 each.

Salsa starts Monday’s at 6:30 (Intro Class) and the Level-1 Class starts at 7.

The Latin Workout is on Monday’s @ 8pm and Thursday’s @ 4

FOR THOSE READY TO BE COMMITTED 6-Week Workshops- Please Register

February 23rd @ 9pm
West Coast Swing
returns to the Blitz. We are excited to introduce this sultry, expressive style of dance to our Pre-Spring line-up.

February 24th @ 5:30pm
Adult Basic 101
is our bread and butter class. It runs an hour and a half, introducing the basics of Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango. This 101 class is a pre-requisite for our AB201 class, which is on Thursdays.

February 25th
Adult Basic 201 7-8:30pm
introduces second level (Bronze and some Silver) steps for our graduating 101’ers. This is a class you can take over and over as it covers the gamut of the Bronze level. If you loved 101 and want to continue, consider this class as your steppingstone.

International Viennese Waltz 8:30pm-9:30 spins its way back to the Blitz.
This one rotates across the floor like two tops – think Johnny Depp and Audrey Hepburn laughing in a cyclone!

February 27th
Adult Basic 301 5:30pm-7pm
(permission required)
We are proud to deliver Silver Level instruction (with a smattering of Gold) to our more experienced dancers. This class is designed specifically for those who have developed their dance mechanics and floor craft to the Silver Level.
Check out our class schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.
Anthony & Susannah